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How to Unlock a Steering Wheel

2019 Toyota Avalon Steering Wheel


If you’ve ever entered a vehicle and noticed that your steering wheel won’t move, the car won’t start, or the key won’t turn in the ignition, you may think this is a cause for panic. However, the reason is more than likely that your steering wheel is locked. Locked steering wheels can happen by accident, and fortunately, they’re quite easy to fix. Read on to learn how to unlock your steering wheel. We’ll even cover how to lock your steering wheel when necessary! When you’re done, be sure to check our other service tips and tricks.



Steps to Unlocking Your Steering Wheel

If you ever find that your steering wheel is locked right before you hit the road in Salt Lake City, follow these steps, and you’ll be moving in no time:

  • Pull the wheel down in the same direction you did when the wheel was initially locked.
  • If you’re unsure of which direction to pull, try both. The wheel will give a bit when you pull in the correct direction.
  • While you’re holding the steering wheel in the proper direction, insert your key into the ignition and start the engine.
  • If the steering wheel doesn’t unlock and/or the engine doesn’t start, turn the wheel in the other direction and repeat the step above.
  • Once you follow these steps, your steering wheel should be unlocked.

When unlocking your steering wheel, you want to avoid using too much force, as this can damage parts in the steering mechanism. Instead, you want to apply slight pressure. Additionally, if your key won’t turn in the ignition, you may just need a new key. Over time, keys get worn down and can no longer engage the car’s tumblers. If you think there’s an issue with your key, visit our service facility near West Valley City, and we can make you a new one.

Steps to Locking Your Steering Wheel

There may be instances where you’d like to lock your steering wheel on purpose. This can add an extra level of security to your vehicle since no one will be able to start it. Here’s how to lock your steering wheel intentionally:

  • Turn off the car and remove the keys from the ignition.
  • Turn the steering wheel in one direction until you hear a click.
  • The steering wheel is then locked until you return and unlock it.

Turn to Prestman Auto for Expert Service Tips

As you can see, learning how to lock your steering wheel and how to unlock your steering wheel is quick and easy. Our certified technicians are always offering helpful automotive tips–you can even learn how to jump-start your car! Prestman Auto is proud to serve as your trusted dealership for automotive maintenance and repair near West Jordan. Whether you need genuine OEM parts or money-saving service specials, Prestman Auto has you covered!


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