What is a Salvage or Branded Title?

A vehicle title is considered "branded" or "salvage" when an insurance company obtains a vehicle after a claim. If a claim is related to an accident or a collision and exceeds 50-75% of its actual cash value, usually the insurance company and/or adjuster will write off or total the vehicle. In most cases 90% of these vehicles are repairable. Also, if a claim is non-accident related, such as a recovered theft (with or without damage), the insurance company and/or adjuster will still issue a salvage certificate if the vehicle is not recovered within a certain amount of time.

What is a Rebuilt/Restored Title?

A rebuilt/restored title is issued when a salvage vehicle has been completely and professionally restored and has passed the Utah Emissions test. Once this has been completed the vehicle will be registered into the new owner's name as "rebuilt/restored".

What is a Dealer Doc Fee?

The dealer documentary fee is for the preparation and processing of documents and/or other services related to the sale of your vehicle. It also provides you with a 45-day temporary license plate, and we will also go register your vehicle and get your license plates for you at the DMV.

I live outside of Utah, how do I drive my car home?

We will provide all out of state buyers with a 45-day temporary license plate which will allow you to drive the vehicle legally while the re-titling process is taking place. This process will make your registration in your state quick and easy.  

Does Prestman Auto offer estimates on any damages?

Absolutely. You can bring in your damaged vehicle for a no obligation estimate anytime from Monday through Friday 9am - 5pm.

Does Prestman Auto offer extended service contracts?

Yes! We offer a range of service contracts starting at 12 months up to 60 months. We sell National Road Ready service contracts on almost every vehicle we sell.

Does Prestman Auto offer shipping?

Yes, if you are from outside of Utah and would like a vehicle shipped to you, we can help with that. Many of our customers come from different states and we have years of experience helping our customers with their shipping needs. 

Will Prestman Auto pick me up from the Airport?

Yes, we will pick you up from the Salt Lake City International Airport and take you to our dealership during normal business hours unless arranged otherwise. Please be sure to forward your travel itinerary to your sales associate ahead of time so they can arrange your pickup.

How do I finance a branded title car? Is the interest rate higher?

We offer financing through several local credit unions and can finance your new car about as easily as any other dealership can. The interest rate is not higher for rebuilt/restored vehicles, and terms go up to 72 months with rates still as low as 2.79% (O.A.C.).

Can I have an independent inspection done on the car before I buy it?

Absolutely. There are several independent inspection agencies out there that people have used when buying sight unseen or just want a little extra assurance before purchasing. Contact your sales associate if you would like references to several inspection companies.

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