Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle Inspection Process

A Thorough Inspection Precedes All of Our Vehicles

At Prestman Auto each of our vehicles is put through a thorough and comprehensive inspection process before we offer the vehicle for sale on our lot in Salt Lake City, Utah. We call this our Gold Certification  standard of excellence!

The vehicles you see in our inventory here at Prestman Auto have traveled a long way and gone through a rigorous inspection process before they land in our showroom ready to be delivered to our thousands of happy clients all over United States. Below is a break down of the 150-point inspection process that makes a Prestman Auto vehicle unlike any other branded title  vehicle out there.


This long journey starts at one of the hundreds of insurance auctions nationwide where our agents are always looking and bidding on only the best and cleanest vehicles that come through the insurance auctions on a daily basis.

Here our experienced inspectors start with making sure the vehicle they pick has damage that has only been involved in incidents that does not have frame rail issues, any engine or electronic issues that can later on resurface and cause our clients discomfort and safety issues.

SAFETY IS THE MAIN GOAL during this process, the frame and sub frame gets measured and the inspectors make sure before they pick a vehicle that that vehicle can be repaired back to the manufacturer specifications.


The car gets shipped to one of our 60 plus body shops to go through the repair and restoration process.

We use over 60 different providers due to the fact that we only use make and model specific body shops to do our repairs. All repairs are done with factory parts and paint.

We have been specializing in branded title vehicles  for the past 25 years  and during this time, we have established relationships with nothing but the best body shops all over the nation to provide our clients with the safest and top quality vehicles.


After the restoration process is complete the vehicle gets shipped to our Prestman Auto  state of the art facility in Salt Lake City, Utah to be put through even more Inspections now it is time for the car to qualify for our Golden Certification Standard. The cars that do not pass this safety process are shipped back.

Here the vehicle will go through a 150 point detailed inspection. The panels are pulled and all the electrical and mechanical features of the vehicle will be turned on and tested to ensure proper operation.

Our certified mechanics are extremely thorough and will make sure the vehicle you and your family are buying is mechanically sound and structurally as sound as the day it was shipped from the factory.


Once the vehicle has passed the 150-point certification process, it will get the GOLD CERTIFIED STAMP OF APPROVAL from Prestman Auto.

Once this is completed we then put the vehicle through the safety inspection required by the State of Utah to ensure everything on the vehicle is in compliance and that it is deemed roadworthy by certified inspection stations.  


Lastly, we put the vehicle through a 50 mile drive cycle to make sure nothing has been over looked. At this stage we are looking to see if the car is in alignment, there are no engine lights or computer codes that pop up and that the drive feels just right before that vehicle is entered to our inventory.

Our goal here at Prestman Auto has been to provide our clients with lowest prices and the highest quality possible. We believe that putting SAFETY and QUALITY FIRST is what has kept us in the business as the leading branded title car dealership  in all of Utah and nationwide.