Breaking Used Car Dealership Standards

At Prestman Auto, we strive to give you not only the best price but also the best experience possible. From our easy to navigate website that helps you find the vehicles on our lot to our online finance application, and even honest reviews from customers, we have designed our dealership to be better than any other. 

Clear Pricing

Over the years, used car dealerships have gotten reputations for being pushy, unpleasant, and dickering over the best price. That's why we have the no dicker sticker, which means the price you see is the price you pay. Trust us - it's the best price possible. And here's the thing: we strongly believe that this honesty has changed the way people buy cars.

You are a busy person, and buying a vehicle can be a stressful situation. We want to take the stress out of the equation, and make sure that you are enjoying your experience as much as possible. 

Browse Our Inventory

Another way we seek to accomplish that goal is putting all of our inventory online. This allows you to see what we have on the lot so when you find a car, you can stop by and take it for a test drive. Additionally, you can see the changeover in inventory in real time, so you understand when you need to choose quickly to get your dream vehicle. 

Save Time And Have Fun

We have also tried to break old used car dealership standards in that you can already fill out your finance application before you walk through our door. Too often, buying can take several hours. That includes filling out the application and making sure that you have all the information needed. Doing this part online ensures that you are helping to save yourself time and energy at the dealership. 

We work for you. At Prestman Auto, we aren't trying to push a car on you. Instead, we want to help you find the right car for your needs and your budget. Our staff offers you help and guidance, not trying to push you to make a fast sale. Our pricing is so good that we don't need to be pushy. Because of that, you can feel more relaxed and have a great car buying experience.

If you aren't convinced yet that we are the dealership of your next car, take a look at our reviews. We aren't just any used car dealership- we are the best. So come in, and let us prove to you that you'll love your experience. For any other questions, or to schedule a test drive, please contact us.