How to Determine the Best Shop to Do Your Oil Change in Salt Lake City

It can seem like you can just go to any shop in the Salt Lake City area and get a good oil change. However, oil changes are one of the most important frequent maintenance tasks you can do, and you don't want to let just anyone with a wrench get their hands on your car. Here are some ways of determining if you've found a good auto shop for your regular oil change service. 

Well-Trained Staff

You wouldn't let just anyone under the hood of your car, would you? Even for simple jobs like oil changes, you need to ensure that the technicians doing the work are qualified to do so. Look for ASE certifications on the wall of the shop, or you can always call up and ask what kind of qualifications the people working in the service department have. 

Modern and Clean Facilities

The technology in cars is always getting more complex and an auto service shop needs to evolve with the times. Make sure any shop you're considering is up to date and clean. The cleanliness factor may seem less important but it's a reflection of the business and the people who work there. If the auto technicians care about the organization and cleanliness of the shop, they're likely meticulous when it comes to other things which is exactly what you want. 

A Strong and Loyal Customer Base

One of the best indicators of how good a business is at what it does is if it has a lot of satisfied customers. Check Yelp reviews and the Better Business Bureau to see how people feel about a business before spending your hard-earned money. Another place to look is the company's own website. Does it showcase testimonials and reviews? If so, the business probably does excellent work. 

Not sure where to start your look for the best shop to handle your oil changes and other auto services? Prestman Auto has a dedicated and well-trained staff that's eager to help you. Contact us to learn more.


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