Why We Are The Home Of The No Dicker Sticker

Any car buying experience is extremely personal. Whether you are buying your first car, upgrading your current car, or helping your teenager to get their first car, it's inherently emotional. Unfortunately, that doesn't always fit well with another big part of the process, which is making sure that it fits within your budget. So that's why at Prestman Auto, we have created a dealership that will work to give you the most straightforward pricing you can get anywhere. 

What You See Is What You Pay

The no dicker sticker isn't just a phrase. It's a philosophy. Showing you the exact price of your future car allows you to have a clear idea of what is within your price range. In addition, it allows us to add a layer of transparency. Too often, used car dealerships have a reputation of trying to make the most profit out of you, or having hidden fees in their pricing structure. Prestman Auto is the exact opposite. 

We want you to love your car buying experience. In fact, we hope that if you are ever in the market for another vehicle down the road, we will be your first pick. Because we show you our clear, straightforward pricing, we can proudly say that we are home of the no dicker sticker. Rather than suffering through the unpleasant bartering process of buying a car, you get to focus on the best parts of the experience. 

Better For Us And Better For You

Because we have a non-negotiable price, we are giving you the best deal possible. That significantly improves your experience because you can quickly determine exactly what vehicles are within your budget. Of course, it also allows our staff to focus on helping you get the best car for your needs rather than pushing for a quick sale. 

As the home of the no dicker sticker, we are changing the car buying experience. Thanks to our friendly and knowledgeable staff as well as our transparent pricing, we're focusing on loving rather than dreading the process of getting your next car. If you don't believe us, take a moment to check out our reviews. If you have any questions or are looking to schedule a test drive, please contact us.