What You Need to Apply for Your Auto Loan

Buying a vehicle is a very big purchase and investment. Due to the cost of a vehicle, most buyers will need to take out a loan to finance the purchase. Fortunately, interest rates on new and used auto loans are at historically low levels. When you are applying for your next auto loan, there are several items that you will need to ensure you are able to apply and get approved quickly and easily.

Proof of Identification

When you are applying for an auto loan, the first thing that you will need is proof of identification. In order to provide any type of loan, you will have to be able to provide a driver's license, state ID, or other form of identification that can confirm your name, address, and other basic information.

Proof of Employment and Income

An auto loan application will also require that you provide some form of proof of employment or income. This can include providing the lender with a copy of your most recent paystub or prior year's W2. This will help the lender to confirm whether or not you will be able to make the monthly loan payment.

Credit Confirmation

When your are applying for any type of financing, you will also need to have your personal credit history and score confirmed. The auto loan provider will use your credit report to determine the likelihood that you will make the loan payments as scheduled under the auto loan agreement. The credit report and your income will be determining factors as to whether the loan is approved and what the rate is.

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