Snowbird Ski and Summer Resort Near Salt Lake City, Utah

At Prestman Auto, we love our out of state customers and we strive to be as accommodating as possible to them with our Fly-and-Buy program. If you live in another state and want to fly into Salt Lake City to purchase from our incredible inventory, let us know and we will make this process as painless as possible. While you're here, you may even want to make a fun trip out of it and check out one of our many incredible ski resorts. One of our personal favorites is Snowbird. 

Salt Lake City area's Snowbird Ski and Summer Resort is popular with both tourists and locals alike. Although Snowbird isn't as well-known as other snow skiing destinations, the skiing there rivals that of the most famous resorts in Utah. Ski resorts are rated in different categories, and what sets Snowbird apart from other resorts is its "piste trails," which are more groomed than rugged, alpine-style runs. These winding piste trails offer breathtaking scenery and a more relaxing experience for skiers.

Snowbird spans across 2500 acres and has one of the longest ski seasons in the state of Utah, boasting over 500 inches of snowfall annually. Skiers can't say enough about Snowbird Ski and Summer Resort's dry, fluffy powder. Advanced skiers love Snowbird for its steep trails and over 3,000 foot vertical drop, but with 169 runs, there are options for every skill level from novice to expert.  

Adult day tickets at Snowbird start at just over $100. For a few dollars more, Snowbird offers upgrade packages that include access to lifts at nearby Alta Ski Area. Between Snowbird and Alta, there is what is called a "connection gate," allowing skiers to move back and forth between the two resorts. Pro-tip: For the best prices, purchase your tickets online in advance. 

Winter isn't the only time to visit Snowbird. Cycling, hiking, stream fishing and zip lining are other activities the ski and summer resort offers. When it comes to outdoor activities, you really can't beat the Salt Lake City area, and visiting Snowbird Ski and Summer Resort is just one example of the many things to do there.

Salt Lake City also happens to be one of the best locales to shop for cars and trucks. Contact us about purchasing a new or used vehicle from our Salt Lake City location and be sure to ask about our Fly-and-Buy program.