Tips to Get the Best Used Car Loan

Purchasing a vehicle is always a major decision and investment. When you are looking to purchase a used car, it may be necessary for you to take out a loan. Fortunately, interest rates on used car loans are at historically low levels. When you are looking to take a loan to buy a used car, there are several tips that can be used to help you get the best loan and interest rate possible.  

Know Your Credit

When you are looking for a loan to buy a used car, one tip is to make sure you know your credit score before applying. Like any other type of loan, a credit score will be pulled before approving a loan. It would be beneficial for you to know your credit score before you even apply. If you have time, there may be some last-minute ways that you could improve your credit score enough to qualify for the lowest rates possible. Some great ways to do this would include paying down your credit card debt or having incorrect information removed from your report.  

Put Money Down

When you are looking for your next auto loan, you should also try to put down a down payment towards the purchase. The more money you put down, the less risk that a lender is taking on. Because of this, putting forth a down payment of 10 to 20% of the purchase price could make the loan less risky from the lender's perspective.  This could then result in a lower rate and more favorable terms.  

Financing Through a Dealership

You should also consider getting a loan from your dealership. If your dealership has a financing department, they may be willing to offer you a better loan than you could get elsewhere as they will be enticed to provide the loan in order to close on the sale of the car.

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