Fly and Buy: Why to Buy Out of State

Many people think it's easier to buy a local used vehicle and typically only shop within 30 miles of their home. This narrows down your options considerably, and you may end up buying a car you really don't like, just because it's close by. Never settle for a car you don't like, just think of how much time you'll be spending in it. We at Prestman Auto take the hassle out of buying out of state. 

Northern States

If you live in a colder climate such as the northeast you know the damage salt on the roads can do to your vehicle. Just go around to any used car lot in places such as upstate New York and you'll see the damage salt does to a vehicle. Many vehicles are so rusted out by the time the meter reaches 100,000 miles, they've become nothing but scrap metal. This makes used car shopping in colder states virtually impossible, and any vehicle you find with little rust is very overpriced. Here in Utah our cars last much longer due to the limited salt used on the roads in the winter. Just browse through our inventory at Prestman Auto and you'll see the difference, if you live in the northeast, or similar locations, it's the only way to buy a car.

Take a Vacation

Make a dual purpose trip, fly out here, visit some tourist attractions and drive a quality car home on a fun road trip across our beautiful country. Use your car buying as an excuse to get away for a little while and take it all in at the many tourist attractions in Salt Lake, Utah. What better way to get acquainted with your new car than a road trip home. You may have so much fun you'll be offering to do it for friends just so you get to do it again! 

If you're in need of a new used car and are sick of the run around and the lack of quality vehicles at your local dealerships then contact us at Prestman Auto today! Remember there are more options than your local dealers.