Why You Shouldn’t Want to Negotiate on a Used Car

Have you ever thought about why you should buy a used vehicle without negotiating?

There are a lot of dealerships that will offer you a price that leaves room for negotiation. But why would you want to negotiate on the price of a pre-owned vehicle?

A used vehicle has only one worth. One value. The actual value of a vehicle is easy to determine.  It can be calculated using many resources such as NADA, Black Book, and KBB. An appraiser will do a walkaround of the vehicle and enter details using specialized dealer software.  Once this is done, a fair selling price is determined based on market details.

Pricing for new vehicles is completely different. Manufacturers regularly offer incentives, such as dealer cash and rebates, on new vehicles. Dealers are also often incentivized for financing customers with the manufacturer.  Those savings can help reduce the cost of a new vehicle and are passed along to the buyer with a lower price. Unlike new vehicles, there are usually no similar programs to help lower the cost of a pre-owned vehicle.

If a dealer has room for negotiation on a used car, they have it overpriced and hope you never get to their bottom dollar. You should always choose to shop with a dealer that promises a ONE PRICE structure.

Come shop with us at Prestman Auto. You'll know you are always going to pay a fair price for every car with no need to negotiate.  The No Dicker Sticker is our promise to you that everyone will get the same low price. Honesty, trust, and integrity. It's in our Mission Statement and we will ensure you have a unique and innovative car buying experience when you choose to shop with us.  Contact us now.