5 Reasons to Take Advantage of Our Fly and Buy Service

Our fly and buy service lets you fly in from anywhere in the country to get your dream car. Here are a few reasons you should take advantage of it.

Save Money

Yes, you heard right. Flying in to get a car can save you thousands of dollars. Get a low-cost flight and take advantage of our affordable prices to save thousands.

Get the Car You Want

Do you want a specific make or model? We offer a wide variety of different cars. With our selection, you will have no problem finding a car you like.

Superb Customer Service

Our goal is to make everything easy for you. Our dealership is just ten minutes away from the airport, but you will not have to take a cab. Just let us know when you are coming, and we will come pick you up at the airport.

Trusted and Experienced Dealership

We have been around since 1989. We will handle everything for you, ranging from the financing down to every last bit of paperwork. We do the utmost to make sure that our customers come away satisfied. You know you are in trustworthy hands -- we are one of the highest rated car dealerships in Utah on Google.

Skip the Trip

What if you like one of our cars but you do not want to fly in? We have got you covered. We will handle the entire thing and have your dream car shipped directly to you.

We will help you get discount hotel rates if you want to stay overnight. Contact us for more information.