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Three Things You Should Know About the Branded Title Cars for Sale at Prestman Auto

Some people are leery about buying a car with a branded title. They are afraid the vehicle might not be safe or that damage has caused it to not work as well as it did previously. At Prestman Auto, we understand your concerns, and we would like to share with you three facts about the branded title cars for sale at our dealership.

We are Picky About Our Vehicle Repairs

From the beginning, we work…

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Three Things to do Before Turning in a Finance Application for Your Next Car Loan

Having a car that runs okay is great because it means you do not need to rush into buying a vehicle. Being able to take your time can help you purchase a car that has everything you want and need. If you plan on financing the vehicle, you should consider doing a few things before the time comes. This can help you have a better experience with getting approved and earning a low interest rate…

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We Are Not Your Ordinary Used Car Dealership

When most people think of a used car dealership, the first thing that comes to mind is a lack in quality. But at Prestman Auto, we will not only surpass your expectations, but we will be the dealership that you will return to over the years. By providing you with a variety of benefits, we have set our used car dealership apart from the rest.

Understanding the Importance of Planning

Buying a car can be…

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Repair or Purchase Used car

Drive your automobile long enough, and you are bound to need major repairs at some point. When that time comes, it's only natural to ask whether you should make those repairs or consider buying one of the SLC used cars for sale on our lot. Here are some things to think about that will help you make the right decision.

 Nature of the Repair

The nature of the repair will play a huge role…

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Branded Title Cars for Sale The Perfect Way to Get a Great Car for Less

If you are currently thinking about purchasing a car, one thing that you might be worried about is how much it is going to cost. Sure, you'd probably love to shell out thousands for your dream car, but if you're like many people, that just isn't an option. You do have an option, however, that you might not have thought about: Looking for branded title cars for sale.

Basically, these cars are…

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Why You Should Fill out the Finance Application for Your Next Car Loan Before a Visit

When you think about car shopping, one of the biggest parts of your experience after you've picked out your perfect vehicle is financing. This part can take a long time, and requires you to fill out all sorts of paperwork, resulting in a stressful experience. But if you can fill out the finance application for your next car loan before even going to the dealership you'll be able to save yourself a great…

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Historically Low Interest Rates on Vehicles Makes Christmas Shopping Easier

There are numerous occasions that call for buying used vehicles as Christmas gifts. Maybe you have a college student who regularly commutes back and forth, or a new teen driver who needs a dependable vehicle to get a job. Perhaps your spouse has always wanted a certain vehicle or needs a second car to use as a backup. Regardless of your reason, historically low interest rates on vehicles now make buying someone an automobile for…

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Reasons to Consider SLC Used Cars for Sale Before Traveling for the Holidays

The period betweeen Thanksgiving and Christmas is when people tend to do more traveling than at any other time of year. If your holiday plans include a road trip, now is the time to consider buying SLC used cars for sale, which will make your travel plans nicer in a number of ways.

#1. Eliminate the need for a rental car

If your current vehicle isn't up to a road trip, you may be…

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Home of the No Dicker Sticker

Have you ever bought a used car and driven away thinking, "I bet I paid too much...I could have gotten a better deal...I should have haggled more." 

Well, you're not alone. Many car buyers drive out of car dealerships nagged by buyer's remorse — that sinking feeling that you should have gotten a better deal, and could have, if only you'd been a better negotiator.

That's because most car dealerships…

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